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Armand's Pizzeria Express is a quick service concept based on the Original Armand's Restaurant opened in Elmwood Park Illinois in 1956. Armand's popularity soared and this led to the opening of 3 other Armand's locations. Armand's menu is traditional Italian featuring it's famous signiture items such as: Baked Clams, Stuffed Artichokes, AntiPasto Salad, Homemade soups and of course its award winning Thin Crust Pizza. This concept has been streamlined to offer the best of Armand's menu but still operate in spaces as small as 1000 square feet.

Armand's Express will specialize in delivery and carryout and operates without an expensive exhaust system and cooking line. All the products on the menu are able to be cooked using only the pizza oven. While this menu has been streamlined it still offers Armand's top 15 selling items and their full Pizza, Salad, Sandwich and Soup menu. In addition it will offer several Pasta entree's and Armand's very popular Baby Back Ribs. Armand's combines the efficiency of many of the National Pizza brands with the emphasis on original recipe and procedure that will set it apart from the rest. I think you will find that Armand's is the perfect meeting of Old World with new to create an exciting and profitable concept.


  • Upfront Franchise fee: $25,000.00
  • Royalties: 6% of adjusted gross sales
  • Available areas: Illinois
  • Necessary Capital $200,000.00

For more information contact the Armand's Express Development Company Department.

Anthony Gambino
Franchise Director
Armand's Express Development Company


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